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Summer Anime Review: Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Fall anime schedule has been released meaning the Summer Anime season is officially ending, in this segment we look back at some of the top anime series released this Summer, giving our thoughts as we review them. For our reviews we look at what we consider the most important factors as to what makes a great anime; the animation, the story and characters, before giving our final thoughts. We give our score based on a 5 star rating system.

Our second choice for this segment is another Crunchyroll original, Misfit of Demon King Academy, based on Novel series written by Japanese author Shu. The studio that bought the series to life was SILVERLINK inc. Silverlink have been producing anime since 2009 and they have decent track record in bringing Novels series to life such as Wiseman’s Grandchild, Chivalry of a Failed Knight and Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody. The 13 episode Cruchyroll Original was directed by Shin Ōnuma and Masafumi Tamura, while Kazuyuki Yamayoshi designed the characters


The Demon and human races had battled for 2,000 years, the demon king Anos Voldigoad made a deal with the human hero, Kanon to sacrifice his own life to ensure peace could flourish. Promising to reincarnate 2,000 years later, royal demons now harshly rule over lower class hybrid demons in a society that values Anos's pureblood descendants. Finding that magic as a whole has begun to decline as a result of the peace he created, Anos decides to reclaim his former title of Demon King but to do so he must graduate from the Demon King Academy where he is labelled a total misfit. This a fun series, where the main character is completely overpowered, he is almost the one punch man of Demon Kings, the story is where you will find the suspense for some interesting twists. There is plenty of story and action to keep the viewer engaged.


The animation was a very high quality and the characters were not those that have been ripped and recycled over and over again. One thing I like about this Demon King Harem series is that there is little to no fan service, the female characters were not over objectified and the school/academy uniforms were realistic and not sexualised. The world is as good as any I had seen before each location uniquely designed, the houses and markets in particular, I cannot fault any of the animation everything was clean and tidy.


There are some great characters in this series, although many are cliché but the formula works really well here. There is some great chemistry between the characters. The Protagonist is overpowered but unlike other Demon King Stories he was confident, cock sure and totally aware of his abilities and how much more powerful he is compared to others. As with most Harems there were a few typical female companions, the shy sweet one, the arrogant hot head one and few others on top of this including that one male friend every Harem needs.

Final Thoughts

This was a fun and enjoyable series, there are plenty of great characters, fun comedy, some awesome action and plot that flows really well with some interesting and intriguing twists. Crunchyroll did well with their selection in story once more, they are starting to really find their feet when it comes to producing original anime. I would definitely recommend this anime to anybody wanting to get into anime and anime fans alike, is it on the level of some the true greats? No, but its a fun 13 episode run easy to binge in a day or two. Available on Crunchyroll.

3.25 stars out of 5

The Great British Otaku

Andrew More


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