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Our story begins like any great Manga or Anime; with a guy, a girl and shared love of Manga and Anime. after some time the two fell in love with each other and Between the two of them they started to buy and collect as much Anime or Manga they could, but they found that this was not as easy as it should be! they searched high and low in comic book shops, book shops and leading DVD/Blu-Ray Suppliers and found that their beloved Manga or Anime was always hidden away in a dark corner at the back with limited titles and online shopping was not always easy. So the two decided they wanted create a place where customers could easily find what they were looking for and if they couldn't find it, then they would do their very best to help their customers find it. with their dreams within their grasp, Kūru collections was born.

Our Mission is to become the No.1 retailer for Japanese Manga and Anime related products and to become the UK home for the and Manga Fan base, by providing a completely interactive shopping experience to help our customers easily find their favourite Manga or Anime. We want to bring Manga and Anime to the forefront and give it it's own store! and most of all to share and showcase of all the great stories and Art work.

Andrew & Jade

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