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Kuru Media’s Stick or Twist Anime Review: By The Grace Of The Gods

It’s time for another Fall Stick or Twist review, in this segment we will be watching the first 3 episodes of as many new Fall Anime as we can. Similar to the Black Jack system, a stick rating will mean we will continue watching the anime for the rest of it’s season and a twist rating will mean that we have given up on it and will not continue to watch. As per our usual reviews we will be focussing on animation, characters and story before providing our final thoughts and we will rate the Anime as either Stick or Twist.

This time were looking to escape to another world with the Isekai Anime By The Grace Of The Gods, available on Funimation. By The Grace Of The Gods is based on the Novel series written by Roy and illustrated by Ririnra, the series was acquired by Hobby Japan, who announced the Anime earlier this year. Maha Films were placed in charge of producing the anime, the series was directed by Takeyuki Yanse with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu in charge of adapting the novel into an anime and with Kaho Deguchi as character designer with Ririnra credited with the original designs.


Ryoma Takebayshi is a lonely salary man who is abused by his bosses daily, one night Ryoma dies in sleep due to a ridiculous accident. Taking pity on Ryoma’s life 3 gods from another world offer Ryoma another chance at life in a new world, Ryoma is reborn in this new world as a 10 year old boy. In this new world, the Gods bless him with a handbook of intimate knowledge of this new world’s creatures, monsters and countries, this combined with their blessing for Ryoma to live a happy life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this story, I do love the idea that a person will be rewarded in their next life if their a good person who works hard. There are you’re typical Isekai Anime cliches in this anime but its fun and almost wholesome, its not one of those edgy Isekai stories where he’s not on a quest to kill the dark lord or anything, he is just there to have a good life so there are some slice of life elements to this series as well.


The animation for this series is good, its not ground breaking animation but not every anime has to be ground breaking and the animation style suits the very wholesome feel to the series with plenty of bright colours. The character designs are good, again not trying to be anything special yet they don’t feel like they’re just copy and paste they do have an original feel to them.


You are introduced to lots of side characters in quick succession in the first three episodes but they are yet to really explore any of these characters bar your typical cliché characters. The show does take plenty of time of exploring Ryoma and he is such an awesome character, just so relatable just your every day normal nice guy, I cannot understate how much I like Ryoma as character.

Final Thoughts

I really like this Isekai Anime, yes the industry is flooded with Isekai series in fact I’m pretty sure the show even makes fun of this. It’s not like it stands out as one of top series but it’s a fun series that is easy to enjoy. Not every anime series has to be dark and edgy every now then its nice to sit a watch a nice heart-warming and feel-good series and this so far has been one of those series.

Verdict: Stick

The Great British Otaku

Andrew More

Kuru Collections/Media


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