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Summer Anime Review: Kakushigoto

The Fall anime schedule is in full swing now with some truly excellent new shows but in this segment we look back at some of the top anime series released this past Summer, giving our thoughts as we review them. As always with our reviews we consider the most important factors that make up a good anime in our eyes- the animation, the story and the characters, before giving our final thoughts. After we’ve looked at all these factors and after our final thoughts we score the anime based on a 5 star rating system.

On this review we’ll be looking at Kakuhigoto, which is available on Funimation. Kakushigoto is a comedy slice of life anime based on the Manga written by Koji Kumeta. The Manga was licensed by Fuanimation and Arja-do Animtaion Studio brought the series to life. The series was directed by Yuta Murano and the series script was adapted by Takashi Aoshima.


Kakushi Goto is proud single father of Hime Goto and to Hime, Kakushi is a hard work working average office salary man, but Kakushi has secret life. Kakushi is actually famous Manga artist, however Kakushi’s Manga just happens to be a Ecchi Manga (Dirty/Naughty/Perverted) and he is desperate to keep that secret from his daughter. The Manga/Anime title Kakushigoto, a has double meaning in Japanese “Secret” and “Work of Art”.

How can a series about an Ecchi Manga artist be so wholesome, this series will warm even the coldest of hearts and it is just such incredible story. As you can imagine there is plenty humour taken from Kakushi living this secret life and all the lengths he goes to hide his real job from his daughter all because he doesn't want his daughter to think less of him (See just so sweet), be prepared to go for an emotional ride.


The animation is beautiful in it’s simplicity, everything feels real, the animation fits the series perfectly as nothing is outlandishly drawn even the colour schemes and tones are just perfectly suited to the anime. Everything from the character designs to the scenery is drawn with aim to not stand out as if trying not to take away from the story being told and although character designs are simplistic they put plenty of effort in the facial expressions of the characters.


This is a story of a father and his daughter so of course the main characters are Kakushi and Hime but there are some incredible supporting characters however they steal no focus. Kakushi is amazing, he is a doting father who at times may be a little over the top, he is also completely clueless, well not entirely clueless, but sometimes his focus on his daughter is so intense he tends not to see everything going on around him. Hime is such a sweet girl and the way she cares for her father is just again just so beautiful much like a father would do anything and everything for Hime, Hime will do everything for him.

Final Thoughts

I loved this series it was just such heartfelt story that had us laughing, smiling and tearing up you will feel just about every emotion in this series. Honestly this series will make you want to have a daughter, even if you never wanted kids, this series makes it seem like such a rewarding experience. If you looking for a simple sweet and fun series to watch on lazy Sunday afternoon this is the series you should check out, if you don’t feel anything for this story you must be a robot.

4.25 stars out of 5.

As always I hope you enjoy the anime and don’t forget to check out our next summer anime review as well as our brand new Twist or Stick Reviews.

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Nov 14, 2020



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