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NJPW G1:Climax Night 6 Recap and Review

We are back with Night 6 of the G1 Climax, NJPW’s Premiere annual tournament, so far we’ve had some amazing action both in and out the ring. Both blocks have seen some amazing clashes. Night 6 sees the action coming from the famous Tokyo Korakuen hall and yet another night that is full of what should be some more amazing clashes. Block B similar to Block A has three competitors have won both of their opening matches, Juice Robinson, Tetsuya Naito and Tory Yano, on the flip side three competitors have failed to pick up win yet, Yoshi-Hashi, Sanada and Tanahashi. Every one else has picked up at least 1 victory in their first two matches, many of which will be hoping to close the gap.

Night 6 Block B

As I’ve mentioned we are being treated to another night of incredible clashes and it all kicked off with the young lions again as Gabriel Kidd looks to continue his streak with two wins in a row, Whilst Uemura will be trying to break his two match loosing streak. Yoshi-Hashi vs Sanada promises to be an excellent contest with Sanada desperate to get his first win, Kenta faces Zack Sabre Jr and both have a win each so will both be aiming to try and catch up to the front runners. The second half of the night see Tanahashi Vs Robinson, one has yet to face defeat the other to taste victory. Evil takes on the always dangerous Yano, who has stolen victories over Sanada and Tanahashi. The Main event sees the underrated Naito take on rough and ready Hiroki Goto, can Hiroki pick up win and gain some ground on Naito?

Young Lions Match

Gabriel Kidd Vs Yuya Uemura

  • Yuya Uemura Defeated Gabriel Kidd by Submission

As always the match starts off with the two young lions locking up, like they’re locking their jaws on there opponents. It’s followed by the usual round of incredible mat wrestling, with amazing reversals and fantastic transitions. The two start laying in the shots, Uemura coming out on top, he is much more aggressive than previously, proceeding to stomp a mudhole in the Young Brit, delivering a vicious drop kick to back of Kidd’s head. This is all quickly followed by Uemura sending Kidd into the ropes to deliver another beautiful drop kick moving to hit the Young Lion favourite submission the Boston Crab, Kidd goes for the rope but Uemura drags him back into the middle of the ring, switching to a high angle Boston Crab forcing Kidd to tap out. Uemura finally picks up a win once more whilst Kidd’s winning streak is broken, each Young Lion holds a victory over each other, all with 2 wins a piece on this G1 Climax Tour.

Yoshi-Hashi (0W 2L 0D 0 Pts) Vs Sanada (0W 2L 0D 0Pts)

  • Yoshi-Hashi defeated Sanada by pin fall.

Both competitors need a win so both are tentative whilst locking up neither wanting to make the first mistake, it quickly picks up as does the aggressiveness, spilling out side the ring. Sanada shows how vicious he is willing to get to pick up his first win, using the guardrail and hitting a twisting neck break down on to the mat, he heads in to to try gain a count out victory but Yoshi-Hashi beats the count. As Yoshi-Hashi enters the ring Sanada is quick to take advantage as he tries to wear down Yoshi-Hashi using variety of holds. Yoshi-Hashi, desperate not to suffer another loss, fights back valiantly, however Sanada is able to cut Yoshi-Hashi once again the tide swings back and forth until Yosh-hashi hits a running powerbomb, Sanada kicks out of the pin attempt. Yoshi-Hashi heads to the top rope and attempts a sawnton bomb but Sanada gets his knees up, could this be the turn Sanada needed as he locks in his dragon sleeper, but he can’t lock it in properly and he can’t get Yoshi-Hashi to submit. Sanada’s turn to head to the top rope now for a moonsault but Yoshi-Hashi gets his knees up this time. The two start to trade strikes whilst they both work their way to their feet, before exchanging high impact moves. Its Yoshi-Hashi who is finally able to string a set of moves together before hitting the Pump handle driver to pick up the win by Pinfall. Yoshi-Hashi finally gets his first win of the tournament whilst Sanada is now 0 in 3.

Zack Sabre Jr (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts) Vs Kenta (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts)

  • Kenta defeated Sabre Jr by pin fall

Surprisingly Kenta does not come out looking to strike, instead he is actively looking to engage in a lock up with Zack Sabre Jr, Sabre quickly gains the upper hand getting a heel hook, the submissions master forcing Kenta outside as he looks to change up his game plan. This time Kenta unleashes with some vicious kicks now forcing Sabre to the outside. Kenta follows up by sending Sabre crashing into the guard rail. Back in the ring and Kenta targets Sabre’s arm with kicks which he seemingly injured whilst crashing into the guard rail, but Sabre grabs his leg into another submission and Kenta needs the ropes to break. Sabre tries to throw some kicks of his own, but after a vicious knee from Kenta sending Sabre to mat, Kenta starts to bury in the kicks again. The match swings momentum, constantly shifting with Kenta having the advantage whilst striking and Sabre having the advantage whilst they tie up. Kenta finally is able to string together his moves and strikes gaining a few near falls but Sabre is not laying down, even attempting to strike once again at Kenta, however he is sent crashing to the mat again. Kenta just can’t keep Sabre down, he is unable to put him away and the frustration builds for the bullet club member, he goes goes his GTS but Sabre reverses it, tying Kenta in knots and locking in a double arm bar, Kenta gets the rope break. After Kenta unleashes another wave of vicious kicks, followed by hitting his GTS finisher and picking up victory by pin fall.

Hiroshi Tanhashi (0W, 2L, 0D 0Pts) Vs Juice Robinson (2W 0L 0D 4Pts)

  • Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Juice Robinson by pin fall

The Flamboyant Juice Robinson has yet to taste defeat, whilst the Ace of NJPW has yet to taste victory will one these streaks end here or will they continue? They lock up with a great display of lock ups and reversals but still neither can gain the advantage and they both result to pulling hair as the referee pulls them apart. Juice is the first to string some offence together going for a near fall off of a senton and locking in a full nelson submission but neither can finish the Ace. Tanahashi continuously fights back but Juice is too strong, hitting a variety of high impact moves including a crushing spine buster and huge superplex but he is still unable to finish the ace. Robinson goes for the kill switch but Tanahashi reverses it, Robinson immediately floors Tanahashi with the hand of god, Robinson once again goes for the Kill switch and is countered by Tanahashi into a pinning predicament that catches Juice by surprise for the 3 count. Tanahashi picks up his first win against momentum, Juice has finally been defeated.

Toru Yano (2W 0L 0D 4Pts) Vs Evil (1W 1L 0D 2 Pts)

  • Toru Yano defeated Evil by Pin falL

The match immediately erupts into chaos, it’s not long before all the turnbuckle pads have been removed or before Dick Togo gets involved on behalf of Evil as they begin to brawl outside, Yano once again brings his tape out. In the ring Evil does have the advantage but Yano goes for a couple of low blows, missing twice, Evil hits a low blow of his own but still couldn’t finish Yano, things become complete chaos as every one is hit with low blow including Dick Togo. One final Double low blow from Yano to both Dick Togo and Evil and Yano is able to steal yet another victory by pin fall and is now undefeated in his first three matches.

Tetsuya Naito (2W 0L 0D 2Pts) Vs Hiroki Goto (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts)

  • Tetsuya Naito defeated Hirokigoto by pin fall

Hiroki Goto is still sporting a shoulder injury and his bandage provides Naito with giant target area for him to work and he does so within the first minute, sending Goto outside where Naito uses the gurad rail to tie up Goto’s arm. Once in the ring Naito continues to target and exploit the injury as he takes advantage of the match with variety of strikes and holds, Goto is able to hit a back drop driver giving him time and space to recover a little. As soon as Goto is able to mount any sort of real offence Naito would go back after his injured arm as he relentlessly attacks it mixing in a variety of other offence, including a top rope frankensetiner. Goto is a warrior and he keeps fighting back and some high impact offence finally able slow Natio down, he goes for his finisher but is countered by Naitio into his Destino but he cannot follow up. They both make their way to their feet whilst striking each other with clubbing forearms and once back on their feet neither let up as the two just club each other untill Goto lifts on his shoulder bringing Naito down neck first on his knee, can he finally put a stop to Niato’s winning streak? Out of nowhere Naito hits his Destino once more but Goto kicks out the pin attempt. Goto goes for his GTR but its Naito who hits one more Destino on Goto, who is unable to kick out this time. Naito picks up the win by pin fall maintaining his winning streak.

Final Thoughts

Although a good night of wrestling I do feel this was the weakest night yet but still it had some incredible matches with some even more surprising results. Unbelievably Yano is still unbeaten and now holds victories over Evil, Tanahashi and Sanada, some of the biggest names in the tournament. The IWGP Heavyweight champion is also still unbeaten, unlike his stable mate Sanada who has not managed a win just yet, I smell a comeback story. Tanahashi and Yoshi-Hashi picked their first wins making the middle of table very congested with several competitors such as Kenta and Juice the closest to catching Yano and Naito, with two wins to their names. There is still plenty to play for and plenty more drama to unfold for Block B who will be back in action on October 1st.

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