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Stardom – Korakurn Hall 17/01 Results

The women of World Wonder Ring Stardom were in action at the famous Korkuen Hall earlier today, where there were 5 title matches making 7 matches in total. In the main Event of evening Donn Del Monodo’s Maika challenged Uatami Hiyashishita of Queens Quest for the World of Stardom title;

Future of Stardom Title Match

Champion Saya Iida Vs Unagi Sayaka

Iida pinned Unagi to retain the title.

Natsupoi Vs Konami

Natsupoi won via disqualification when Konami wrapped a chair around her neck and applied a Triangle Armbar.

High Speed Title Match

Champion AZM Vs Karoi Yoneyama (The face behind Gokiegn Death)

AZM defeated Yoneyama via submission with a Flying Armbar into a Rings of Saturn into an Octopus Stretch. AZM asked who her next challenger is. Natsupoi came out and made a challenge.

Tam Nanako Vs Starlight Kid

Tam pinned Kid with a Tiger Suplex. This was a Starlight Kid with a whole new attitude and she just gave the best performance of her career.

4 Way Tag Elimination Match: Himeka & Syuri of Donna Del Mondo vs Momo Watanabe & Saya Kamitani of Queens Quest vs Ruaka & Mayu Iwatani of Stars vs Saki Kashima & Bea Priestley of Oeado Tai.

Kamitani and Momo were the survivors when Kamitani pinned Himeka with the Star Crusher.

Wonder Of Stardom Title Match – No DQ

Giulia Vs Natsuko Tora

Giulia pinned Natsuko with the Glorious Driver to retain the title.

World Of Stardom Title Match

Champion Utami Hayashishita Vs Maika

Utami won with the BT Bomb to retain the title. Utami wants to defend the Red Belt on March 3 at Nippon Budokan. Saya Kamitani entered the ring and threw down the challenge.

You can watch the main event of the evening currently on Stardom World, the other matches will be added to the site within the next day or two.

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