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Crunchyroll Are Looking For Judges, For Their Annual Anime Awards

Do you know someone who loves anime? Do they have a strong independent perspective on it? Do they explore several different anime series every season? Do they have a varied taste in both genre and style. Then Cruchyroll are looking for them!

Every year Crunchyroll hold their annual Anime Awards starting back in 2017, the annual awards have only gone from strength to strength, growing every year since their first inception and increasing the amount of awards every year. Judging Categories include Anime of the Year, Male and Female protagonist of the Year, Studio of Year, Best Voice Actor of the year (both Japanese and English), Best Score, Best opening and closing sequence, Best Director and so many more.

Last year around 40 judges were added to the ranks of Crunchyroll’s industry experts and this year Crunchyroll have sent out the call to arms once again. Each nomination made through judge nomination form (Link to Form) and will be reviewed by Crunchyroll with a few lucky nominees being picked to join the industry experts in judging this years awards. Unfortunately not everyone nominated will be picked, but it’s always worth a shot. Of course there are some rules, nominees must be over the age 18 and not be involved in the production of any of the anime eligible for awards.

If you would like to make multiple nominations you have to fill out form for each individual, nominations must be submitted the 28th of October Midnight (BST)

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