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Sony Playstation Partner Awards Japan and Asia 2020 Winners

On the 3rd of December Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) streamed their Japanese and Asian Playstation Partnership Awards 2020. The Award used to be just the Playstation Awards but as they celebrated their 25th anniversary the name was changed to the Playstation Partnership Awards.

Sony also updated their categories;

Partner Award awarded to games developed in Japan that are critically acclaimed around the world.

Special Award split into two categories games developed in collaboration with SIE and games developed outside of Japan and Asia

The games are selected from two categories: games developed outside Japan and Asia, and games developed in collaboration with SIE World Studios

Partner Awards Winners

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operations 2

  • Black Desert

  • Nioh 2

  • Resident Evil 3 remake/ Resident Evil: Resistance

  • Final Fantasy XIV “Shadow Ringers Expansion”

  • Persona 5 Royal

  • Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon

Special Award Winners

  • Apex Legends

  • Death Stranding

Grand Award Winners

  • eFootball PES 2020

  • Dragonbal Z: Kakarot

  • Final Fantasy VIII remake

So there you have it folks, the winners of this years Sony Playstation Partner Awards for Japan and Asia. What did you think of the results? Which Games have you played? Is there a game you thought should've won award?

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