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Anime records it's lowest industry growth in years

The Global Health Crisis that is the Covid 19 pandemic has affected industries around the world and Anime was no exception to this. Many studios were forced to delay projects and new shows, in some cases out right cancelling them. For the first time in several years the growth of the anime sector stalled.

On a recent finance report from Teikoku Databank the Anime industry was shown to be in a stalemate from the year before, only growing by 0.5% having earned a total 2.3 Billion Dollars. are reporting this to be lowest growth for the Anime industry in the last ten years. They have also reported that the number of shows this year was down from 340 last year to 332 shows for the 2019-2020 season.

Thankfully only 2 companies were forced to declare bankruptcy when compared to 12 companies last year according to the report by Teikoku Databank. This really should not be seen as bad thing, all things considered this could’ve been a lot worse and really shows that the Anime industry is already on its way to recovery. This can evident by copious amount of new and returning Anime shows that have been released for the Fall Anime schedule.

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