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You Can Now Study Anime and Manga at Kaishi Professional University Niigata

Students in Japan will now be able to learn about the theory and practice of Anime and Manga from leading creators and researchers.

Kaishi Professional University located in Niigata has announced that their Anime and Manga Department, officially approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology on the 16th of November 2020. Kaishi Professional University is a private university that only opened in April 2020, the university also offers a Business Creation Department as well as an Information Department.

Interested students will have to act fast, with the department scheduled to open April 2021, the department only has the capacity for 80 students, applicants will be accepted as of the 1st December 2020 with the first entrance exam on the 19th of December 2020.

The Anime and Manga programme will have students studying the theory and practice of anime and manga, through over 600 hours of learning from leading anime ad manga creators. The students will hear from a wide array of professionals including; directors, artists, animators, character designers, illustrators and more.

This is not unprecedented as since 2001, there are over 10 Universities in the USA that offer similar classes in Comic Book Studies and there are also American Universities that offer Anime and Manga Studies.

(Kyoto Seika University: Character Design Course)

In Japan there are schools dedicated to Anime and Manga including the Tokyo School of Anime which offers a 2 year course as well at least 10 universities across Japan such as the Seika University, which established it’s manga faculty in Japan in 2006.

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