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NJPW G1 Climax Night 5: Recap and Review

We are back with Night 5 of the G1 Climax NJPW’s Premiere annual tournament, so far we’ve had 4 nights of incredible in ring action, both blocks have seen some amazing clashes. Night 5 sees action coming from Hyogo Kobe World Hall and another fantastic set of matches awaits. As the night kicks off we are back with Block A which has 3 competitors who have picked up maximum points, having won both of their opening matches with Will Osprey, Taichi and the Switch Blade Jay White. On the other side of the fence there are 3 competitors who are yet to put any points on the board at all, Tomohiro Ishii, Shingo Tagaki and Yujiro Takahashi.

Night 5 Block A

The main Event of the night is Kazuchica Okada Vs Jay White, can the bullet club leader maintain his perfect streak against his old Rival. Two former Jr Heavyweights are set to clash in Will Ospreay Vs Shingo Tagaki, Koto Ibushi will be looking to pick things back up after last week against Tomohiro Ishii. Taichi will be looking to keep his unbeaten run against Yujiro hoping to pick up his first win. And Jeff cobb is looking to capatalize on his win last week facing off with Minoru Muszuki, who is also looking to get things back on track following last weeks defeat. As always we’re treated to a Young Lions match to open the show, the Young Brit Gabriel Kidd looks to avenge his early loss Yota Tsuji

Opening Match

Young Lions Match

Gabriel Kidd Vs Yota Tsuji

  • Gabriel Kidd Defeated Yota Tsuji by Pin Fall

As the two young Lions stand facing off they look more like two young bulls about to clash horns, as they do lock up they yet again show their incredible technical skills, such a ringing endorsement of the NJPW dojo system. Strength, power, athleticisum and incredible technical accumen these two young men have all the tools, ready to take that next step towards super stardom. It’s yota who is able to attach the first submission, the old NJPW Dojo staple, the single leg crab, a move that is drilled into them back at the Dojo, Kidd manages to escape. As the two get back to their feet they begin to off load with heavy shots, niether seems to be on top, but out of nowhere Gabirel Kidd lands and Incredible drop kick, he follows up, with his Double Arm Vertical Suplex and pins Yota Tsuji for the 1,2,3. Gabriel Kidd avenges his earlier loss.

Taichi (2W 0L 0D 4 Pts) Vs Yujiro Takahashi (0W 2L 0D 0Pts)

  • Taichi defeated Yujiro Takahasi by pin.

A clash of two heels, its Yujiro who makes the first move attacking Taichi with his Pimp stick before the bell, he takes this early adavantage and runs with it. Taichi rolls out to the floor to get some space, then he is up to his old tricks, choking Yujiro with the ring hammer on the outside, pushing his luck to the limit with the referee. Even when back in the ring Taichi continues to push his luck choking Yujiro on the floor, Taichi then starts to berate Yujiro, slapping and paint brushing him, spurning Yujiro on as they brawl to the outside once more Yurjiro launches Taichi into the guard rail. Back in the ring Yujiro has the advantage but it’s Taichi who fights back as they square up and start to trade shots, it back and forth frantic action. Its Taichi who eventually gains the upper hand, as he pushes the referee out of position to blast Yujiro with a low blow, locking him in a fantastic pinning prediciment to make it three wins in a row, Yujiro has now lost his three matches.

Minoru Suzuki (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts) Vs Jeff Cobb (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts)

  • Jeff Cobb defeated Minoru Suzuki by pin fall

Both of these men have one win a piece, but unlike Suzuki who lost his last match against his Stable mate Taichi, Jeff Cobb has the momentum having won his last match against Shingo. You can see from the off, that Suzuki respects the power possessed by Cobb, as the Veteran competitor tries to tie Cobb in knots taking him by surprise, Its not long until Suzuki starts brawling, taking it to the outside crashing Cobb into the guard rail. Back into the ring this match is becoming Bowling shoe ugly, as Jim Ross would say. Cobb finally gets out of the starting gate, as he runs into Suzuki like mack truck, flooring him. Cobb finally displays the power Suzuki feared, with a range of suplexes followed by a massive running powerslam, its all in vain though as Susuki reverses a slam hooking in his Gotch Style piledriver earning him his second win by pin fall.

Kota Ibushi (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts) Vs Tomohiro Ishii (0W 2L 0D 0Pts)

  • Kota Ibushi defeated Tomohiro by pin fall

Kota is looking to rebound following a loss to Jay White last time out but he’s up against the man known as the Stone Pitbull Tomohiro Ishii, who is looking to get his first win of the tournament. The match starts with a tie up but it does not last long as the two throw heavy shots at each other, neither able to land cleanly, its Ibushi who does manage to strike first with hard kick, putting Ishii to the mat. Then its Ishii’s turn as he slaps Ibushi’s chest red with some chops, Ibushi attempts to return shots but none phase the stone pitbull, Ibushi is peppered shot after shot, giant forearms sending him to mat each time. Ishii hit the rope but Ibushi counters with a frankenstiener and finally he’s back in the match, could this be turning point? Ibushii begins to unleash heavy kicks to the chest of Ishii. Now Ibushi can use his speed and athleticism to his advantage, the pace picks up suddenly, a huge German Suplex from Ibushi but Ishii rises to his feet and delivers his own. They trade move after move but its Ibushi that has the better conditioning but you can never count out the power of Ishii. Lethal strikes from Ibushi including a punch to the throat and a huge head kick. Ibushi goes for a huricanrana but Ishii stops it, turning it into a power bomb, you can’t count the old pro out yet, Ibushi attempts a Kamgoyee but is suprised by a head but from Ishii. Ibushi shows off his own power landing huge vertical suplex but huge clothesline from Ishii as he went for a German Suplex but Ibushi lands on his feet and hits ishii with a flurry of knees including his Kamgoyee for the pin fall and with that Ibushi is back on the winning track and Ishii remains with out a win.

Shingo Tagaki (0W 2L 0D 0Pts) Vs Will Osprey (2W 0L 0D 4 Pts)

  • Shingo Tagaki defeated Will Ospreay by Pin fall

Last year both these competitors competed in the Super Jr cup, in fact the two faced off at the final of the Cup, Ospreay came out on top and at that time Shingo likely had around 20-30lbs on him, that is no longer the case. Ospreay looks to keep his winning streak in tact whilst Shingo is looking to break his loosing streak. Its clear to Shingo that he can’t try to muscle Ospreay as he did in their first encounter after the first lock up. They both can still move as if they are Super Jr’s and the action quickly speeds up, both showing the amazing athletcism and agility that you would expect from Super Jr’s only they both carry heavyweight power. As the action spills outside Ospreay pays for his over confidence as Shingo brings him crashing into the mats with a pop up death valley driver, its all Shingo now, as Ospreay takes his usual role of the underdog having to fight back. The action picks up again and at times it’s to fast to call as they are both able to land move after move, shot after shot, each one more high impact that the one before, we get our first dive to outside of the night as Ospreay hits an incredible Sasuke special. Ospreay pushes the advantage hitting a spring board coast to coast drop kick, quickly followed up with a shooting star press but Shingo kicked out at 2. As shingo fights back the action is incredible, they begin to exchange moves and shots again, the action once again hits 100mph, but it’s a controlled frenzy. Ospreay hits the Oz cutter but Shingo kicks out, Shingo hits Made in Japan and Ospreay kicks out, what’s it going to take to finish this match? Ospreay tries to hit a Super cutter but Shingo makes him pay with a clubbing clothes line sending Ospreay to the floor, he then lifts Ospreay across his shoulder carying him up to the turnbuckle to hit a super Death Valley Driver. In the final moments Shingo again clubs Ospreay with a clothesline and once again he lifts Ospreay across his shoulders hitting one more Death Valley Variation Driver for the win. Ospreay’s winning streak comes crashing down as Shingo finally gets a win and puts some points on the board, what a match.

Jay White (0W 2L 0D 0Pts) Vs Kazuchica Okada (1W, 1L, 0D 2Pts)

  • Jay White defeated Kazuchica Okada by Pin fall

The rivalry of last year, Okada and Jay still have plenty of bad blood, since Jay’s betrayal when he first joined the Bullet Club leading to him becoming IWGP. From the off Jay is playing mind games refusing to engage, it’s all about making Okada frustrated and no one can do it better than Jay, he has away of getting under his opponents skin and in his opponents head. Its not long till his trusty advisor Gedo gets himself involved, Okada is fighting an uphill battle, Jay even takes time to taunt the crowd once again. Okada still sporting an injury to his lower back the bandaging providing a target for Jay, as he slams Okada into the ring side and into the guard rail, sending him back into the ring driving his knees into Okada’s lower back. Even when Okada is able to get back into the match he is unable to capitalize as Gedo is right there to provide a distraction for Jay White. Okada does his best to fight from underneath but he’s taken plenty of damage by now so he is unable to follow up on his big moves, but he finally stands toe to toe with Jay. White looked to humiliate Okada by landing Okada’s signature rainmaker clothesline, but Okada is able to counter, this could be his chance but even a wounded Jay White can still be dangerous. Okada locks in the cobra clutch but Gedo distracts the referee and Jay White hits a low blow, followed quickly by his Blade Runner and Jay picks up yet another victory in this storied rivalry. Jay makes three wins in three matches as Okada loses his second match of the tournament, Jay takes time to mock Okada on mic as he delivers an incredible promo.

Final Thoughts

Wow seriously wow, yet another great night of wrestling, topped by an incredible bout between Ospreay and Shingo as the two competitors put in what is possibly the match of the year. Jay White and Taichi have now started to separate them selves from the pack making them the front runners to win Block A as the two remain undefeated. Jay White again takes out yet another NJPW crowd favourite in Okada, after he already defeated Ibushi the week before, can anyone stop his momentum. As Shingo finally picks up his first win, Tomohiro Ishii and Yujiro Takahashi are still yet to get any points, after once again coming up short in their respective matches. I can’t wait for Night 6 and third night of action from B Block on Tuesday the 29th as always you can keep up to date with all the action on Kuru Media.

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