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My Hero Academia Season 5 Release Confirmed For Spring 2021

My Hero Academia Season 5’s release date has been confirmed, a tweet from the Japanese official twitter page has confirmed that the new season will be part of the Spring Anime schedule next year.

On top of the confirmation of the release date, a new season 5 trailer from Funimation has also been released and by the looks of the trailer the new season will feature more of UA Class 1B. It would seem that the upcoming arc will focus on the on-going competition between the two classes as they go head to head with each other. The season is expected to follow the joint training arc as per the Manga, this arc is covered from Vol. 22 of the Manga series and spans 24 chapters.

The My Hero Academia Anime is produced by Studio Bones and is based on the Manga by Kohei Horikoshi released in 2014 in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The first season of My Hero Academia Anime was released in 2016 and had a 13 episode run, subsequent series have been 24-26 episodes and season 5 will be no different. The series follows Izuku “Deku” Midoriya on his journey to become the greatest hero ever, starting with attending the most prestigious hero academy in Japan, UA. Since its first release the series has spawned one spin off manga, My Hero Academia Vigilantes as well as two original feature films Two Heroes and Heroes rising.

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