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Kuru Media's Top Ten Sci Fi Anime

As part of our top ten feature we once again dive into one of the many incredible genres of both Anime and Manga to bring you a whole host of new recommendations. This time we look at the world of sci fi. You literally cannot think about Japanese Anime and Manga without thinking about Science Fiction, two of the earliest and most popular franchises to come from Japan are examples of Sci Fi with Astro Boy and Mobile Suit Gundam.

There has been a plethora of Sci Fi stories, from space saga’s, giant mecha battles to time travel and so much more, with so many different types of Sci Fi anime to choose from it made picking this top ten list the hardest one so far but we did it. So here you go our Top Ten Sci fi Anime recommendations

10) Astra lost in Space

In the year 2063, eight high school students and a child are flown out to Planet Camp, tasked with surviving on their own for a few days. But shortly after arriving, an ominous glowing orb wraps around them, transporting them to an unknown quadrant of space, nearly 5,012 light years away. Now, the only way back home is a slow, dangerous trek across the universe.

One of the more recent releases on this list, the series aired in 2019 a great plot with mystery upon mystery and an awesome arrangement of characters, this Anime is both light hearted and yet full of threats and drama throughout and well deserving of its spot on this list despite being a relatively short series of only 12 episodes its great quick watch.

Based on Manga written by Kenta Shinohara

Studio: Lerche

Released: 2019

9) Assassination Classroom

The Earth is threatened by a powerful creature who destroyed 70% of the Moon with its power, rendering into the shape of a crescent forever. The creature claims that within a year, Earth will also be destroyed by him, but he offers mankind a chance to avert this fate. He will teach class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School! It’s your typical class of losers and trouble makers. He starts working as a home room teacher where he teaches his students not only regular subjects, but the ways of assassination.

Crazy comedy, incredible action, twists and turns Assassination Classroom really does have it all. This Anime will have you laughing at times and crying at others, what more can you ask for. There some awesome characters with some excellent character growth arcs, there are plenty of twists turns along the story and by the end none of it is what you thought it was.

Based On Manga written by Yūsei Matsui

Studio: Lerche

Released: 2015

8) Gurren Lagann

In a dystopian future where Earth is ruled by the Spiral King, who forces mankind to live in isolated subterranean villages. Two brothers, Simon and Kamina, wish to go to the surface after they find a drill shaped key and a small mecha known as Gunmen, they finally make their wish come true, with this mecha will they be able to get humanity to rise once again.

I was caught off guard by this anime really and truly, it was not what I was expecting at all, there was so much I loved about this series from it’s classic 80’s feel, the fantastic choice in music, an absolutely insane plot, great action and incredible cast characters this show will bring out so many emotions.

Based on Original work by Gainax

Studio: Gainax


7) Neon Genesis Evangelion

Set in a post apocalyptic world, 15 years after the second impact had caused a global catastrophe, Monsters known as Angels have risen, their awakening was foretold in dead sea scrolls destined to destroy the reminants of mankind. In the heart of Tokyo, one of the last surviving cities, a united global force have created a paramilitary that have created the Evangelions the only wepons capable of fighting and killing the Angels. Shinji Akrai is one of the many young pilots chosen to fight the Angels is he also the son of the director of the Paramilitary nerve centre.

Neon Genesis is true classic of the Sci Fi genre and is one many must see for those new Anime, it is very highly critically acclaimed although the last two episodes of the series did serve up some controversy, there are also minor changes made to the western release. Lucky there are couple of movies that provide an alternative ending to the series, so it’s a must to also check out the series movies. There is so much to love about this series which provided plenty of action and drama, and the animation and colours really stand out when compared to other similar series which help it to stand out in crowded market place.

Based on original work by Gainax

Studio: Gainax

Released: 1995

6) Dr Stone

Thousands of years pass and high schoolers Senku and Taiju awaken in an overgrown version of the world they once knew. With Senku as the brains and Taiju as the brawn, they’re determined to revive the petrified masses and rebuild civilization.

The only series on this list that is actually a current ongoing series, Dr Stone is not just a great comedy it has a great story too. It’s actually quite informative about history, science and survival so much in fact it comes with a warning regarding Laws about foraging and other techniques used in the anime without expertise.

Based on Managa written by Riichiro Inagaki

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Released: 2019

5) Guyver Bio-Boosted Armour

While investigating a mysterious explosion, Sho Fukamachi discovers the Chronos Corporation's greatest weapon: a techno-organic suit of bio-armor known as the Guyver. With Chronos determined to conceal its secrets, Sho finds himself relentlessly pursued by an army of horrific bio-monsters. When he runs out of options, Sho is forced to call upon the fearsome powers of the Guyver.

So there is actually 2 versions of this Anime one released in the 1989 and a rebooted version in 2005, I have a particular fondness for the 1989 release as it was the first Anime I ever watched, my brother had the 1992 English dub VHS release. It changed my entire view, I had never seen animation or action like this, I was hooked, I loved Anime. Unfortunately it only lasted 12 episodes. The 2005 release brought back so many memories although this time the Anime followed the core source marital from the Manga much closer than it’s predecessor and although it lasted 24 episodes the story was still unfinished. In fact I’m wanting to start a petition to bring back Guyver and complete the story and not a Netflix CGI.

Based on Manga written by Yoshiki Takaya

Studio: Version 1 Visual 80, Version 2 OLM

Released: 1989 and 2005

4) Mobile Suit Gundam (Series): Iron Blooded Orphans

Okay there are so many Gundam series it would be impossible to actually go through them all on this list in total there are 21 different TV series and that’s not counting all the movies, TV specials and OVA’S. The first series was released in 1979. I need to do a separate article all on its own to go through Mobile Suit Gundam properly, so I am going to talk about one my favourite series from the franchise and one of the more recent releases, Iron Blooded Orphans.

When a private security company from Mars known as the CGS, made up of a group of misfits and orphans, accepts a mission to protect a young states woman seeking to liberate the Martian city of Chryse from Earth’s rule, it sets off a chain of events that threatens to send the galaxy back to war.

Mobile Suit Gundam has long history in Anime dating back 1979 and there have been so many series, some good, some okay and some bad. This is my favourite of all the series and was released in 2015. The Animation is Crisp, the action sequences are incredible, the plot is intense. It’s an underdog story, as a great cast of cliche misfits are trying to overcome the odds with the incredible Mikazuki, one of my all time favourite characters and his Mobile Suit Barbatos.

Based on Mobile Suit Gundam franchise by Sunrise

Studio: Sunrise

Released: 2015

3) Steins Gate

Okabe Rintarou is a self-proclaimed mad scientist who invents 'Future Gadgets' in a small 'lab' in Akihabara above an old electrical goods store with the help of his friends. When he meets Kurisu it sets off a chain of events that leads to the tragic death of his childhood friend. Could his latest invention using a Microwave and phone send a message to the past to stop these events from happening or will Okabe be driven mad trying.

This is the only Anime not to have come from a Manga series on this list, in fact the source material is adapted from the critically acclaimed visual novel by 5pb and Nitroplus. Another of my all time favourite protagonists, this is an excellent mystery thriller and is truly stunning and incredible from the Animation, characters and story I cannot praise this enough. There was second season dubbed Steins Gate Zero, which erase the last two episodes, and although not as good as the first season I would still recommend watching it.

Based on Visual Novel Video Game by Nitroplus's

Studio: White Fox

Released: 2014

2) Cowboy Bebop

Bounty hunting in the far future, Spike is an easy going dude with some deadly skills in martial arts. Together with his partners, Jet Black former ISSP oficer, and later Faye Valentine as well as Ed and their faithful dog Ein, they go from job to job across the galaxy looking for the high priced fugitives to bag.

I do not know if I can say anything that has not already said about Cowboy Bebop this is a universally loved Anime. It is critically acclaimed and rightfully so, its an Anime that has truly lasted the test of time released in 1998 it still holds up today as one of the best Anime ever.

Based on Manga created by Hajime Yatate

Studio: Sunrise

Released 1998

1) Sword Art Online

In the year 2022 virtual reality is the only way to play games with full dive technology creating a fully immersive environment, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game called Sword Art Online (SAO) is released. However everything is not as it seems and the players are sent into turmoil when the creator informs them that there is no way to log out, the only way out is by completing all 99 levels.

I don’t care what anybody has to say I love Sword Art Online I know it has a fair share of haters and critics but I honestly do not care, it is my all time favourite Anime. In particular the first Arc Aincrad from the first episode I was hooked I loved the premiss. I related to main character Kirito in so many ways and his love story with Asuna is just beautiful. The subsequent arcs I did feel lacked that something the original arc had, but I feel that the recent film Ordinal Scale and following season 3 has brought back that feel and drama. Another thing that I love about SAO is the soundtrack It’s so beautiful and so fitting with the action and drama.

Based on Light Novel series written by Reki Kawahara

Studio A1 Pictures

Released: 2012

I am sure our number 1 pick has raised many an eye brow but that is what is great about of anime, there are so may great shows and honestly in most occasions shows are not defined by a single genre rather crossing over boundaries and mixing genres. Our number 1pick is a perfect example of this many would possibly say that is fantasy Iseaki I, where as I see it as Sci Fi with Isekai and fantasy tones. Picking a top ten Sci Fi was not easy there are so many great series to choose I think this was hardest one yet, as always we recommend watching as many shows as you can. There now so many ways to stream anime legally including Cruchyroll, Funimation, HI Dive, Netflix and many others, winter is coming wrap up warm and indulge in some Anime.

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