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Kuru Media's Top Ten Historical Anime

Its time for another of Kuru Media’s top ten anime recommendations, this week thought I would go for something a bit different to show the versatility of anime and the depth of genres in anime. So I figure why not list my top ten anime based on History, So for this list I looked at anime that have links to history, so those that have historical figures or are based in specific historical time periods.

I have always loved history, ever since I was at school I have always just been fascinated by it, so much so I always continued read and learn about different histories from all over the world. So with that said here are my top ten historical anime;

10) Oda Cinnamon Nobanaga

The Warring States Period or Sengoku period is a time in Japan’s history of feuding warlords. Oda Nobunaga, the Demon King, the greatest of them all is reborn in modern-day Japan, as a shiba-inu. The other generals of the era, have also inexplicably been reborn as dogs. Their warring states rivalry will now resume at the dog park!

Okay so this isn’t an actually an historical Anime it is technically a Slice of Life Anime, but it does use some of my favourite historical figures from the Sengoku period, (this will not be last time I reference this time period or its legendary figures). I love the premiss of the show, it creates such unique dynamic for comedy, if your pet lover and love the historical figures from the Sengoku period this well worth checking out.

Based on Manga Written by Una Megurogawa

Studio: Studio Signpost

Released: 2020

9) Kochoki

Before Oda Nobunaga was trying to rule over Japan, he was a teenager who began his path to greatness with his younger brother and faithful followers. Through succession, betrayal, battles, and bonds between one another, the struggles these boys face promise a future where they can blossom into powerful men.

Most or nearly all Anime featuring Oda Nobunaga typically focusses on his later life and his conquest of Japan, so this Anime is nice change of pace, with the story focussing upon his youth. This is much more accurate depiction of Oda and is a much more laid back approach to the all out wars of his latter life, this is a must watch for anybody who wants to know more about one of Japans greatest daimyōs.

Based on Original production by Studio Deen

Studio: Studio Deen

Released: 2019

8) Ambition of Oda Nobana

Ordinary high school student Yoshiharu is sent back in time to the Warring States Period. There he meets Nobuna Oda not Nobunaga, Nobuna, this past is not the one he was taught school. In this world, all the famous figureheads and warlords of the era are female. With knowledge of the future based on video games Yoshiharu played, he sets out to help Nobuna Oda with her conquest of Japan.

Oh look another series about Oda but not Nobanaga but rather Nobana. This is a great comedy/isekai/harem show although its actually quite historically accurate, minus the gender bend of all the main characters. There is a lot of fan service as you would expect with an Isekai and harem anime but this does add to the humour of the show, so if you want a historical anime that does not take itself seriously this would be the show to check out.

Based on light Novel written by Mikage Kasuga

Studio: Madhouse

Released: 2012

7) Gintama

The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. One man However, still possesses the heart of the samurai Gintoki Sakata, although from his love of sweets and work doing odd jobs one might not expect it. He is accompanied on these odd jobs by Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and seemingly bottomless stomach, as well as Sadaharu, their oversized pet dog.

Of course, these odd jobs never seem to go as planned, as they usually end up having run-ins with the police, ragtag rebels and/or assassins.

This is excellent comedy series that does not take it self seriously and will have you laughing throughout each episode. The Characters really mix well together and the inter play between these characters is excellent it is easy to see why Gintama is considered to be one of top anime series spawning both animated and live action feature films.

Based on Manga written by Hideaki Sorachi

Studio: Sunrise

Released: 2006

6) Rurouni Kenshin

Japan is a land experiencing times of troubled peace and renewal after a long and bloody civil war. Swords and killing are outlawed, but all is not as well as it would seem. Lurking in the shadows are many survivors of the revolution awaiting their chance for vengeance. Only the former government assassin, Kenshin Himura once known as "Battousai The Man Slayer" now just a wanderer can keep the peace.

This is classic series that highly recommend to all those new to anime, taking place in Meiji period of ancient Japan there are some classic sword fights. The hero of the series is your classic shonen hero, so if you like shonen action and grand sword fights this is a great series for you.

Based on Manga written by Nobuhiro Watsuki

Studio: Studio Gallop (Episodes1-66), Studio Deen (Episodes 67-95)


5) Fate Series

The massively popular Fate franchise spans a huge variety of mediums, and some of its most well-known works are the various anime adaptations. The basic premise of Fate series is, in a world where magic exists, there is a great battle called 'The Holy Grail War' that occurs every 60 years in secret. Mages are chosen to compete, by summoning great warriors from the past based on 7 warrior classes, Saber, Caster, Lancer, Rider, Berserker, Archer and Assassin

Okay so another series that is not technically a historical anime, but rather another that uses historical figures, this series of series makes use many legendary figures from many different time periods, it also takes many liberties with these figures. There are many different series with this title some good and some bad, my personal favourites have been Fate/Zero, Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia but there are plenty of series to dive into.

Based on Computer Fame by Type-Moon

4) Samurai Warriors

Based on the hit video game, this dramatic re-imagining of one of Japan’s most revered historical periods drops audiences into the middle of an epic battle royal. Great warriors and dashing rogues from cherished Japanese tales come to life in this rousing action packed series.

I am huge fan of the Warrior game series, literally all the series including Dynasty Warriors and the Warrior Orochi series, some of my favourite button smashing games. This series is based on Sanada Yukimura’s story line, focussed on the two Sanada brothers, again very historically accurate with great animation and character designs that resemble those from the game its based on, this is a great series.

Based on Video Game Samurai Warriors 4

Studio: Tyo Animations

Released: 2015

3) Golden Kamuy

The high-stakes search for gold continues in the harsh wilderness of Hokkaido. More and more people seek the treasure map, and the race to find its living pieces is as brutal as it gets. War veteran Sugimoto and his guide to the wilds, Asirpa, are hot on the trail, and as long as they stick together through thick and thin they’ve got a shot at finding that gold.

The series takes place at the latter stage of the Meiji era, it is not based on any specific historical story but rather an original series. There are so many reasons why this is a great anime, from character design, the art and the story but what is particularly good is the way it connects the two main characters.

Based on Manga written by Satoru Noda

Studio: Geno Studio

Released: 2018

2) Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Kings

Backed by massive armies of ninja assassins and mechanized samurai, mighty warrior generals roar into battle atop turbo-charged stallions, brandishing explosive shotguns and swords the size of men.

Outlandish battles and incredibly over the top fight scenes, this is a great series, it is both historically accurate and not at the same time. It is strange combination I know but it works so well it does a great job of blending both accuracy and fantasy to tell the story they wanted, it is a fantastic series.

Original Work Created by Capcom

Studio: Production IG

Released: 2009

1) Vinland Saga

Young Thorfinn grew up listening to the stories of old sailors that had travelled the ocean and reached the place of legend, Vinland. It's a place said to be warm and fertile, where there would be no need for fighting, not at all like the frozen village in Iceland where he was born and certainly not like his current life as a mercenary. Working for the man that killed his father, Thorfinn wants nothing more than to kill Askeladd, but until he is ready he must serve in his band of Viking Mercenaries as they join the great Viking war against England.

I absolutely love this series, Wit Studio did an amazing job in bringing this Anime to life for Amazon Prime and as for one of Amazon Prime’s first anime they chose an incredible story. If you like Viking history and the history channel show, I guarantee you will love this series. Again Go Watch This Series.

Based on Manga Written by Makato Yukimura

Studio: Wit Studio

Released: 2019

So there you have it my top ten historical anime, as you can see one of my favourite periods in history is the Japanese Sengoku period through to the Meji period. I have always been fascinated with this time period of Japan and the beauty of the Samurai and lucky for me there have been several anime that have historical links they may not all be accurate but there always entertaining. Of course as anime is Japanese so most series are based on Japanese history and folk lores but there are some excellent historical anime from around the word like our number 1 pick. Even if you’re not a history buff many of these anime are fantastic to watch any way, all of these series are easy to find on streaming sites such as; Crunchyroll, Funimation and Netflix, you’ll have to check Amazon prime to watch Vinland Saga.

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