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Kuru Media's Top Ten Action and Adventure Anime

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

We love Anime, it encompasses so many different genres all with their own unique charms, so we have decided to compile some of our favourite anime from a variety of genres; from Action and adventure, Sci Fi, Comedy, thriller and horror.

This weeks list comes from the world of Action and Adventure often refereed to as Shonen Action to fans of Anime. Epic Heroes and epic fight scenes aplenty, note that some anime can be categorised into several different genres, so if certain anime doesn’t make this list it may be in another. With that said lets get to it.

No. 10 Seven Deadly Sins

When a princess is worried about a nefarious plan that would see her fathers position as king usurped, with no where to go and no one to trust she sets out to find the legendary outlawed group of knights known as the seven deadly sins. However no one knows where the knights are or what the knights look like, in a fateful encounter at a local tavern the princess is drawn into a mystery that only gets deeper and deeper as the series unfolds. This is the only Netflix Anime to make this list and Netflix caught onto a winner with one of their first Anime projects. Seven Deadly Sins was already a successful Manga and was perfect for an action adventure anime that could rival some of the best.

This is by far Netflix’s best Anime. The production put into their adaptation was fantastic and I feel they did an excellent job of bringing the Manga to life. Our hero is as cliché as you can get when it comes to Anime, powerful, fun loving, determined hero with a thing for the princess in peril, a panties obsession as well as a dark secret. Our hero is a member of the infamous Seven Deadly Sins who betrayed the Kingdom or did they? With the help of the princess our Hero will reform the Seven Deadly Sins... they may just be the only ones who can save the day. For season 4 however Netflix choose to switch studio and there was clear differentiation between the earlier seasons and season 4’s artwork, sadly there was an obvious drop in quality, although it was still a well written series it was a shame to see them switch studio.

Based on Manga Written by Nakaba Suzuki

Studio: Season 1-3 A1 Pictures, Season 4 Studio Dean

Released: 2014

No. 9 Dragonball (Series)

If you have not at least heard of the Dragon Ball series and it’s lead protagonist Goku I will just assume you have been living in a cave for the entirety of your life. Dragon ball Z became a pop culture icon during the 90’s thanks to its outlandish story lines and absolutely epic fight scenes. Dragon ball Z still holds the record for the longest fight scene ever animated. In total there been 5 seperate series, the original Dragon Ball, Dragon ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and most recently Dragon Ball Super as well as the Japanese exclusive Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

I loved Dragon Ball Z when I was growing up, admittedly I still look back at it fondly, but now I am little older I can see a lot of the filler around the fight scenes can really drag. The most recent series Dragon Ball Super, takes place after the events of Dragon Ball Z, it is a better quality of animation and the fight scenes although shorter are much more impactful. That said, I controversially feel the best Dragon Ball series is the original Dragon Ball which is actually loosely based on the story Journey to the West, even the protagonist Goku is the Japanese name of the monkey God Sun Wukong. Then there is Dragon ball GT and the less said about that series the better, okay there were a couple of good arcs but overall this series is not looked back at fondly.

Based on: Manga Written By Akira Toriyama

Studio: Toei Annimation

Released: Dragonball 1984, Dragonball Z 1989, Dragonball GT 1996, Dragonball Super 2015.

No.8 Bleach

Ichigo, a normal high school kid with the uncanny ability to see ghosts, one night he meets a being known as a soul Reaper, who’s job is protect humanity from wayward souls which have become monsters called hollows, who have an insatiable hunger to feed on souls whether they’re still living or Dead. Due to an incident involving his family and a Hollow, he is forced to take on powers of a soul reaper. Unfortunately it is against the rules for Humans to take on this power, but when evil plots come to light he might just be the hero they needed.

Bleach is considered part of the big 3 Animes of the early 2000’s with Naruto and One Piece, Honestly I never did get into Naruto or One Piece but I did become a fan of Bleach. I guess I just related more to Ichigo, although I am not so blind to see the flaws in this series, in particular the amount of filler episodes, well in Bleach’s case, filler arcs. However the official cannon manga arcs are incredible and there are some epic fights to behold, some great characters to get behind and an incredible story that will unfold.

Based on Manga written by Tite Kubo

Studio: Piere Co. Ltd.

Released: 2004

No. 7 One Punch Man

Saitama is a normal every day man who is completely bored with life, after an encounter with a Monster in which he risks his life to save a child he makes the decision to become a super hero and he trains every day, so much so all his hair falls out. He then realises the life of super hero is also super boring, especially as he became far too strong, defeating everyone he faces in one punch and there for nothing challenges him and this has led to him become withdrawn from life again.

You may be asking yourself how can an Anime about a guy who can defeat anyone with one punch be interesting? Where is the action? where is the drama? I can assure you that there is plenty with an incredible supporting cast help to elevate the drama and the Action but on top of that there is just so much comedy watching somebody who is just a super hero for fun and how bored he is as no one can challenge him and his delight when he finally comes across a foe who can take more than one of his punches.

Based on Manga written by One

Studio: Madhouse Season 1, JC staff Co. Season 2.

Released: 2015

No. 6 God Of High School

Korea is holding an incredible martial arts tournament to crown the God of high school, incredible fighters from schools across the nation enter the tournament to have their one wish granted. Starting with regional tournaments before moving onto the main the tournament it self, Jin Mori a contestant from Seoul along with Daewi Han and Miwa Yoo, form a friendship born through the competition but as they advance though the tournament all might not be as it seems.

The animation style is very unique giving the series a different feel to many other anime series where all of the characters can feel as though they have just been copy and pasted from one series to another. I do feel that at times story does seem to come at you a million miles hour making it difficult to understand everything that is happening, and there is a lot happening. However something I did pick up on, that instantly drew me into the series, the overall plot was going to have something to with Sun Oh Gong/Sun Wukong/Son Goku, the Monkey King and I love stories that revolve around this mythic figure. The three main characters are; the main protagonist Jin Mori, a slightly dim-witted fun loving guy who wants to fight all the time, Daewi Han a silent yet very caring and strong fighter, he is also Jin’s friend and rival and finally a female companion Miwa Yoo, a strong willed fighter. So if I am honest not exactly all that original but with incredible action scenes and an awesome storyline this anime released this year has made a huge impact on me.

Based on Manwha created by Yongje Park.

Studio: Mappa

Released 2020

No. 5 Black Clover

What would you do if you were born without any magic powers when everyone around you has them? you would probably give up on your dream of becoming the wizard king wouldn’t you? Not our hero in Black Clover. Asta, despite having no magical ability, still dreams of becoming the wizard king. He, along with his brother Yuno leave the orphanage where they were raised to try join the magic knights, Yuno who is blessed with an abundance of Magical Powers joins the strongest group of magic knights the Golden Dawn whilst the powerless Asta is given a chance to join the Black Bulls, a magic knight squad comprised of the outcasts.

Asta is certainly a handful at times, he’s excitable but determined and this determination begins to rub off on the rest of Black Bulls as they climb the magic knight rankings. A sinister threat starts to emerge, it will be up to Asta and the rest of the magic knights to save the kingdom... but there maybe traitors everywhere.

Based on Manga written by Yuki Tabata

Studio: Xebec Zwei

Released: 2017

No. 4 Fairy Tail

In world where magic exist. Wizards can make money by joining guilds and completing quests. Fairy Tail is a story about one such guild. Fairy Tail happens to be one of the more destructive guilds in constant trouble with the Magic council, thanks in most part to our lead protagonist Natsu. We join Natsu in story told to us through his closest companion Lucy, as he and the rest of his guild mates face off against a variety of threats, including monsters, demons and Dark guilds.

Fairy Tail is one of the longest running Anime and Manga on this list with 277 episodes, 20 arcs over ten seasons. Originally aimed at a younger audience the series matures with the viewers with the situations becoming increasingly more dangerous. Natsu is the epitome of an action Hero, unlike most other protagonists he never broods, he is never defeated in his head no matter the situation no matter how bad things may be going he never losses faith in himself or his friends as with his friends behind him he can accomplish anything.

Based on Manga Written by Hiro Mashimia

Studio: A1 Pictures

Released: 2009

No. 3 Demon Slayer

A young boy returns home to find his family has been killed by a demon, he finds one of his sisters clinging to life. Unfortunately, although she seemed to have survived she had become infected and was to turn into a Demon. The boy can not bring himself to kill his sister as she still shows signs of humanity. After meeting a demon slayer and lots of training, the boy and his sister set off to find a cure and destroy all the demons.

This is an incredible story and wow did the animation studio do an amazing job bringing this story to life, with some of the most beautiful animation I have ever had to pleasure to watch, if there had been more than just 1 season so far there is a very distinct chance that this series may have found its way to the top of this list, I am ahead in with the manga and wow the artist and writer do an amazing job brining the metaphors of swordsmanship to paper and screen.

Based on Manga written by Koyoharu Gotoge

Studio: Ufotable

Released: 2019

No. 2 Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric bothers, Edward and Alphonse are on a quest to undo what they did when they committed the ultimate Taboo and lost most of themselves, to do so Edward must become a state alchemist and find a Philosophers Stone, unfortunately along the way he will discover the disturbing truth behind the Philosophers Stone’s ingredients and the sinister plot that they, with their friends and family will have to stop.

The story of two brothers, one missing his arm and leg whilst the other is missing everything, except his soul. This series is so much more than two brothers, it is a story of Family, Friendship, tragedy, loss and even more. Fullmetal alchemist has long been considered quintessential viewing by almost all Anime fans from around the world. There are two versions of the anime the first of which to be released, known as Fullmetal Alchemist, took the story in a different direction to that of the manga it was based on. The Second to be released was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood which is a more faithful adaption to the Manga, both series have their charm, but with a gun to my head, I would say Brotherhood is the better series, although I do still love the first version.

Based on Manga written by Hiromu Arakawa

Studio: Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist), Bones (Brotherhood)

Released: Fullmetal Alchemist 2003, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 2009

No. 1 My Hero Academia

A boy born with out super powers in world full of super powered people, he has only one wish to become a hero like his favourite Super hero. After a fateful encounter with his idol, our young wannabe hero embarks on his Journey. Join Midorya and his classmates at the UA academy, where they will learn what it really takes to become a hero. This is one of the newest Animes currently still running, the 4th season has just kicked off, with two spin off Manga from the original series I do not see this story coming to an end soon.

If you are a fan of Marvel and DC comics this is a must watch and read. As a kid I grew up loving the X Men, as such this just became an instant hit with me. It boasts a great cast of characters both Hero and Villain and an absolute fantastic story, every arc so far has just improved on what came before it and not forgetting the two original films Two Heroes and Heroes rising both of which are fantastic in their own right. I honestly relate the main protagonist Deku/Midoriya as the Japanese Peter Parker, they share so many similar qualities, those same qualities that makes Spider-Man my favourite Marvel hero, makes Deku a close 2nd favourite anime hero, more on that later.

Based on Manga written by Kohei HoriKoshi

Studio: Bones

Released: 2015

There you have it folks, that's our top ten action and adventure or shonen anime and yes I am aware some of these are not published by Shonen Jump, but Shonen anime has taken on a life of its own. Honestly we just love anime and we think people should check out as much anime as they can as there are some amazing stories and incredible animation to behold. If you think we’ve left something of our list let us know we would love to know what your top ten anime are but rest assured it may just be that the anime you’re thinking about is on another of our up coming list. Its never been easier to watch anime now some great legal streaming sites offering up some truly awesome anime, such Crunchyroll, Funimation and even Netflix.

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