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Kuru Media's Top 5 Korean Drama’s on Netflix

Inspired by the news of a special episode of Netflix’s K-Drama Kingdom coming next year, we decided to pick out our top 5 Korean Dramas available on Netflix. One of the best features for Netflix that we truly love is not only do they provide amazing series from the USA and UK but also countless of great programming from around the world. This includes some really excellent films and series from Asia on top of the fantastic anime available on Netflix.

5) Tree With Deep Roots

An incredible story of one man’s belief that every man has the fundamental right to be able to read and to be able to educate themselves no matter their status or class, an issue that is still relevant to this day. We love stories like this and it helps to understand how long people having been fighting for the betterment of every man against others that believe just because of their status they have the to right to keep knowledge and horde wealth. We actually watched this series after we had just finished Six Flying Dragons (more on this series later) and despite being made first this series felt like squeal to that series, its a little confusing as they share some of the same characters playing different roles. Speaking of which there is an incredible array of amazing actors and actresses that bring their characters to life, easily breaking any perceived language barriers.

Staring: Jang Hyuk, Shin Se-kyung, Han Suk-kyu, Cho Jin-woong, Park Hyuk-kwon

4) Kingdom

This could possibly be my favourite zombie series ever, partly as it is a completely different show to any of the previous zombie shows we have seen. For starters, unlike most Zombie dramas that are set in modern times, this series takes place in the past, in fact the series take place just prior to the 1600’s. Just after the Japanese invasion of Korea which plays a big part in the plot. The main thing that makes this show so good is the intricate plot, the series is so much more than just a zombie thriller. The series is also a historical political drama, there is so much going on with several plot threads that can keep the viewer engaged. From corrupt government officials, a conniving manipulating queen, an exiled prince and so much more all on top of a Zombie outbreak.

Staring: Ju Ji-hoo, Bae Doona, Jeon Seok-ho, Kim Hye-jun, Ryu Seung-ryong, Kim Sung-kyu

3) Six Flying Dragons

There are so many inter weaving plot threads that it can be a little confusing during the first few episodes but stick with it as once the threads start coming together and full picture and story is revealed you’ll see just how amazing the story is. A true historical drama that rivals any long drawn out series such as Game Thrones, with wars, alliances, betrayals and romances. Obviously the series does embellish and add some fiction but that does not take away from the true story behind it. They’re are some truly incredible acting performances throughout the series that translates in any language, they are able to breach the gap in language barriers with some truly honest performances every thing from the body language and facial expressions you can feel the emotions. The story is so complex with so many different layers, the amount of amazing characters, it would depend on individual viewers as who they believe is in the right and who they should root for at any given time throughout the series the viewer may switch allegiances just as the characters do.

Staring: Yoo Ah-in, Shin Se-kyung, Byun Yo-han, Yoon Kyun-sang, Kim Myung-min

2) Mr Sunshine

This historical drama is truly incredible, set during a turbulent period of not just Korean history, it has heavy focus on the class system that ruled the country at the time, something that is still very relevant in today's generations around the world. Its not just this example that there are so many lessons on how the world has not really changed with regards to race and even sex that makes this story so relevant in today's world. Some of the performances are amazing, the natural connection of the three main male protagonists is something that really stands out any time the three of them are in same scene, the humour is something that you do expect with such a dramatic series. The lead female is incredible and you will follow on an incredibly emotional journey, she is a great female role model along with her willingness to loose everything to stand by her principles. There are so many great reasons to love this series, with 24 episodes that will have you hooked from episode 1 this will certainly keep you distracted for a couple of weeks.

Staring: Lee Byung-hun, Kim Tae-ri, Yoo Yeon-seok, Byun Yo-han,

1) Korean Odyssey

This was the show that actually started our Korean Odyssey into K Dramas, see what we did there, as we said this is the series that started it all and for that reason it really does have a spot in our hearts. We love mythology, the gods of old from around the world, one of my favourite stories of legend and myth is that of journey to west, and this series is a very modern retelling of the familiar story. It’s not the first series that has taken on the story from Monkey Magic to Dragonball the story of Sun Wukong, Son Goku or in the Korean language Sun Oh Gong. This is an incredible series that ticks so many different boxes from the romance, the drama, the comedy to the Supernatural it really has something for everybody. The actors are incredible and even with the language barrier the interplay between certain characters is visible, in particular Devil King Woo’s relationship with Sun Oh Gong. This is just a great series with 24 episodes with many episode being over an hour it is series that will take sometime to sit through, so plenty to keep you occupied.

Straing: Lee Seung-gi, Oh Yeon-seo, Cha Seung-won, Lee Hong-gi, Lee Se-young, Lee El

Special Mention

My Sassy Princess

Okay I (Andrew) had to add this series or my Fiancée (Jade) would be mad at the me, as this one of her favourite Korean Drama series and would be her top 5. To be honest there is a lot love about this series this romantic comedy blends from not taking it self very serious to be very serious as they’re are a lot plots that get strung together in fun way. The series seamlessly threads these plots together with an incredible mix of comedy, romance and drama that easily entertains the viewer.

So that's it, that's our top 5 K dramas and one special mention, Netflix does have so much to offer its customers and its great to expand your viewing. You’ll find some truly great gems that may help you to relate to other cultures.

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