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Kuru Media’s Stick or Twist Anime Review: Jujustu Kaisen

A brand new segment for Kuru Media to go along with all the brand new Fall Anime, introducing Stick or Twist Review with our stick or twist we will be watching the first 3 episodes of as many anime from the fall schedule as we can.

Like our usual reviews we will be focussing on animation, characters and story, before providing our finals thoughts after which we will rate as Stick or Twist. Similar the black jack system Stick will mean we will continue watching the anime for the rest of it’s season, Twist will mean that we are given up on it and will not continue to watch. Simple enough lets get to it.

Our First pick for the stick and twist review is Jujustu Kaisen based on the manga written by Gege Akutami and produced by Mappa. Available to stream on Crunchyroll.


Yuji Itadori is your basic highschool student only he is gifted with uncanny strength, speed, reflexes and agility, he doesn't play sports any more just doesn’t think it fair. Instead Yuji Itadori join his schools Occult Research Club this way he can relax with his friends and also leave school by 5pm so he can visit his Grandfather. On one visit his Grandfather one wish for Itadori was to use his strength to help others after his Grandfather he takes this message to hart. After leaving the Hospital he is confronted by a Jujustu scorer Megumi Fushiguro who informs that there us curse object emanating from his highschool where his Occult Club is currently holding an investigation. Realising his friends are in trouble he follows Fushiguro when he gets there he forced to make a choice save inherit a curse or watch his friends die.

So far the story has been intense and enjoyable, action packed with plenty of Drama, it takes on elements of other great Anime such as Bleach, Blue Exorcist and Noragami but with slightly darker tone.


The animation is incredible, great character designs, fantastic costume designs. I really love the contrasting light and dark colours a great use of shadow Mappa have done amazing job with animation.


So far we’ve been introduced 4 main characters and well there not breaking ground, we have main protagonist Yuji Itadori hyper athletic, kinda lazy and not all to bright but he makes up with it with his strong sense of responsibility justice. We have his two main companions the strong silent and respectful fushiguro and the hot headed and strong willed female Nobara Kugisaki, finally we have the powerful and mysterious mentor Satoru Gojo. So if I am honest not exactly breaking ground with character originality but honestly that doesn’t matter they’re the classic character types of great shonen action anime.

Final Thoughts

Honestly I am very much loving this anime its great action shonen anime and whilst it borrows from such classics like Blue Exorcist, Bleach and Noragami it had its own unique charm. This is the type of anime that is great to binge but its also worth the wait each week for the next episode.

Verdict: Stick

The Great British Otaku

Andrew More

Kuru Collections/Media


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