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Kuru Media Game Preview: Yakuza Like a Dragon

Coming this November 10th is a brand new game from the much loved Yakuza series by Sega. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the 8th installment for Yakuza series. The game has been available in its home country of Japan since January of this year, the game is now set for a worldwide release and will be available on PS4, X Box one, X Box Series X/S and Microsoft Windows, the game will also be available on PS5 from March 2nd.

As with our Game reviews we focus on Graphics, Story and Game Play


From what we have seen on YouTube the graphics look great, from the costume designs, the characters and scenery as well as back ground NPC’s we cannot not really fault the graphics what so ever.

Game Play

Yakuza like dragon is an RPG, however unlike previous Yakuza games, Like a Dragon is not beat’em up, rather mixing more elements of traditional RPG games such as a turn based fighting system. One intriguing aspect of this RPG turn based fighting system is the interactive objects around the city, including being able to attack with Bike or kick an object at your opponents. Another great new addition to this RPG combat system are the attacks based on the job character classes, that you can set all members of your party, these jobs include, Chef, Pop Idol, Break Dancer and many more and each class has their own unique attacks. Similar to previous Yakuza games there are plenty of side quests to help add additional points and rewards to your characters such as Karaoke and a Dragon Cart, adding in plenty of extra gaming hours.


This is the first of the Yakuza games to introduce a new family to the franchise rather than following the story of Kiryu family. We are introduced to Ichiban Kasuga a man wrongly imprisoned and who is now on a personal quest to become a hero along side other playable characters such as Yu Nanba, Koichi Adachi, Saeko Mukoda, Tianyou Zhao, Kim Yong-Soo, and Eri Kamataki. Makoda and Kamataki which will give players the first chance to fight as females in the long running Yakuza series.

A young Kasagua joined the Tojo Clan of the Yakuza as a junior member, After taking the wrap for murder he did not commit at the request of the Tojo Clans patriarch, Masumi Arakawa, he goes to jail for 18 years. When he is released he figures he will be a hero in the Patriarchs eyes but when he returns no one seems to know he is, when he tries to confront Arakawa, he is shot in the chest and left for dead. Realizing he was lied to since the beginning, he goes on a quest to uncover the truth setting him on a collision course with Korean Gangsters, Triad and the Yakuza.

Yakuza: like A Dragon Dragon was very well received in its native country of Japan and was awarded a Japanese Game Award for Excellence in the future division, Famitsu a Japanese games magazine awarded the game 38/40.

Will you be adding Yakuza: like a Dragon to your Christmas list?

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