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Genshin Impact PS4 Game Review

Everyone seemed to be talking about Genshin Impact, so we thought I would take a look for ourselves to see what all the fuss was about. Genshin Impact is a free to play action RPG, available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, Andorid and IOS, yes you read that right free to play, as in the game it self is free to download on the systems mentioned above. Of course free to play doesn’t always mean free to play as there are in game purchases available, although so far we have seen no need to buy or use any of these in game purchases. For the purpose of this review we chose to download and play the game on our PS4, as said this is action RPG from miHoYi it is an anime style fantasy based open world. As with all our game reviews I will look at Graphics, Game Play and Story, after our final thoughts we rate the game on a 5 star rating system.


The first thing that stands out are the colours, the opening cutscene looked just like a modern anime series, with the in play moments, there is little change in the graphics from the cutscenes and the characters really pop, standing out from the surrounding scenery. The graphics of the open world are incredible again the colours really stand out, the world it self has been painstakingly created and the animation studio should be commended for this. The character designs are really good as are the clothing and costume designs, the clothes also move interdependently when the character is moving, even when standing still the clothes move in the wind. For a free to play game I really think the graphics are fantastic.

Game Play

I always worry with free to play games or Freemium games as South Park so eloquently put it, I am just waiting for the point where I cannot continue the game with out making a payment but so far I have not. The game play controls are simple and easy to pick up they’ve not tried to complicate things, you have basic attack and magic attack each character has their own unique magic and attack, so you’re encouraged to switch character depending on the situation. The game play is also really enjoyable and a some what addictive open world, you could truly get lost for hours playing this.


The story is quite good especially for a free game, the cut scenes once you reach a story point are really well done with some excellent English voice work. You can play as one of two twins, either male or female, not much explanation is given at the beginning I assume more will be revealed as the game progresses, either way which ever of the twins you choose the other is taken by a mysterious god. Your character is then transported to a new world, there is a bit of a time skip where you are seen two months later with a new companion who is acting as your guide after you saved her, you then go on to explore this new land and learn of it’s gods in hopes of finding your brother/sister. There also plenty of little side quests to go alongside the main story with its open world system it can take a while to get to new plot points. It has really exceeded my expectations so far.

Final Thoughts

My only reference for games of this style would be games such as Sword Art Online or a more modern legend of Zelda series, I have seen people calling a rip off of breath of fire. I do not see it as such a lot of these games have similar aspects and similar stories to say one rips off another seems silly they all have individual aspects that make them unique and this game is no different. This is excellent game for what you’re paying... and that’s nothing! as we said this was a free download with some cool characters to play with and an open world, you could loose several hours playing this game. As with any game that has in game purchases make sure your children don’t spend a fortune but so far we’ve seen no need to use any in game purchases.

3.25 Out Of 5 Stars

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