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Anime Songstress LiSA’s breaks YouTube Records

The juggernaut that is Demon Slayer can not be stopped, not content on being the most voted for Anime of the year on the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2020, the anime also won Best boy and Best Fight scene. The Manga became the best selling Manga of 2019, outselling One Piece, the first Manga to do so in 11 years.

Most recently the Demon Slayer Movie Muggen Train has been breaking Japanese box office records, earning 1.2 billion Yen on its first day of release for the biggest opening day ever. Since then it broke the weekend box office earning 3.4 Yen, and now the film has been fastest film to gross over 10 billion yen in only 10 days.

Now anime Songstress LiSA, who performs the theme song for the Demon Slayer movie “homura” has broken YouTube records. Appearing on the first take, a social media video series which features Japanese singers and bands performing their songs in just 1 take, LiSA would perform the theme song. Since the release of the video on YouTube the emotional performance quickly became the fastest song video to reach 10 million views, the song has now been viewed a massive 20million times in just two weeks. (Click Link to Video)

The song is not just dominating YouTube with the song also now dominating the Japanese Music charts for the last two weeks, the first time in 9 years a female singer has topped the charts for two consecutive weeks. LiSA has written and performed many top songs in anime including, “Crossing Fields” and “Adamas” for Sword Art Online, “Oath Sign” for Fate Zero as well as the opening track for Demon Slayer series “Gurenge”. Lisa’s music is available on Spotify. (Click here for Spotify)

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