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Air Date for the 2nd Season of Beastars, Revealed on New Trailer

The 1st trailer for the second season of the Netflix hit Anime Beastars was revealed on the live streamed “Fuji TV Anime Line Up Unveiling 2020”. The trailer gave a sneak peak into the upcoming series plus revealed the 2nd season will star airing January the 15th 2021 on Netflix Japan, unfortunately no worldwide release date was given.

The trailer also revealed the shows new opening theme music “Kaibutsu (Monster)” performed by J-Pop duo YOASOBI.

Beastars is based on the Manga written by Paru Itagaki, Netflix licensed the anime and studio Orange was tasked with production of the anime series. The 1st season of the anime first aired on Netflix Japan in October 2019, the series was then aired world wide March 13th 2020.

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