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3rd My Hero Academia Movie Coming Summer 2021

A 3rd My Hero Academia movie has been announced for the end of Summer 2021, the news was revealed in this year’s 53rd edition of the Shueisha’s weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The official My Hero Academia twitter account started to release a set of teaser tweets that once combined formed the sentence “He Will Meet The Three Musketeers” the images combined created the below image visual.

The creator of My Hero Academia had previously stated back in 2019 following the second movie’s release, that there would not be a 3rd movie due to the second movie using a concept that Kohei Horikoshi had wanted to use to finish the series with.

My Hero Academia has been a smash hit across the globe due to it’s easy crossover appeal of Super Heroes, the Manga was first released in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on July 7 2014. The series was licensed for an Anime with Studio Bones given the task of bringing the Manga to life, which first aired in April 2016 with a 13 episode run. My Hero Academia has now had 4 seasons, with the 5th season due to air at the beginning of Spring next year, with a new movie being released shortly after the 5th season comes to an end.

My hero Academia has released two movies previously. The first being Two Heroes which was released in July 2018 and Heroes Rising, released in December 2019, the second movie was also given a February 2020 cinema release in English speaking countries where it ranked No. 1 in the US box office upon opening. The Manga has also spawned several spin off series including; My Hero Academia Vigilantes, My Hero Academia Team Ups and League of Villains: Undercover 1 shot.

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